Amager voksen ridetur

Part-boarding on horse / subscription

Are you interested in riding once or several times a week without the hassle of taking care of the horse? Then we can also offer you that. Riding weekly with us gives you plenty of opportunities to get to know all of the Farm's horses and become a part of the cozy community.

horse riding

You have the opportunity to go on some lovely rides with the other regular riders, and we take care of all the boring aspects of owning a horse, such as mucking out, feeding, etc.

The regular classes are generally held on weekdays around 11am and again in the evening around 5pm. We ride for 1-1.5 hours as a general rule, depending on the amount of time spent preparing the horses to avoid delays. If you have difficulty finding a fixed day of the week, it is possible to switch from week to week to fit your schedule.

As it is a great offer, the following rules apply:

Under no circumstances can you "save" rides for subsequent months, the rides must be used in the month they are purchased for.

If you have booked a time and do not cancel at least 48 hours in advance, the ride is considered used.

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