Amager voksen ridetur

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riding to day?

call and see if we have time


5 rides to one person fo the price for 4 on the riding team


1 hour            990 kr i alt

1½ hour        1260 kr i alt

2 hour            1530 kr i alt

just the price


4-12 person 1350 kr

13-20 persons 1895 kr

you can always upgrade


1 per week 795 kr

2 per week 1200kr

3 per week 1600kr


1 hour 330 kr/person.

1½ hour 420 kr/person.

2 hours 510kr/person.

you need to buy a guide for the same as a person


bathing tour 650kr

big fælled tour 895 kr

kongelund tour 895 kr

se the dato or book one for goups


½ time      150 kr i alt.

1 time       250 kr i alt


1 hour weekend kl 9 350kr
1½ hour weekdays 350 kr

1½ hour weekend 400 kr

you need to ha the bacis for riding


riding to day?

call  51641503

you need to call if you want to book least then 23 hours before.


Couple or Parent/Child trip (beginner ride)

2 people with their own guide


1 hour

895 kr. total

1½ hour

1195 kr. total

2½ hour

1.595 kr. total

Single tour with own guide

Group of 3-14 people with own guide. The price for the guide is not included in the price; additional price for 1 person per group.

1 hour

300 kr./person

1 ½ hour

400 kr./person

Single tour in connection with group (beginners are asked to book with own guide)

The tour is ridden together with the regular group riders - there is no separate guide who can assist on the tour.

1 hour (morning/weekends)

250 kr./person

1½ hour (everdays)

350 kr./person

1½ hour (weekends/holidays)

400 kr./person

1 hour (weekends)

300 kr./person

A punch card for 5 single tours in connection with group riding.

5 horseback riding for the price of 4

5 klip á 1 time (morning/weekends)

1.000 kr.

5 klip á 1½ time (everdays)

1.400 kr.

5 klip a  1½ time (weekends)

1.600 kr.

Group (Subscription)

Riding on a fixed day of the week. The subscription card is valid for one month from the start date

1 times per week

795 kr./mdr.

2 times per week

1.200 kr./mdr.

3 times per week

1.600 kr./mdr.

Beer Relay

4-12 persons

1.350 kr. i alt

13-20 persons

1895 kr. i alt

Special tours/camps

Swimming trip with horse

650 kr./person

Long trip on  (Dragør tur & Den Store Amagerfælled tur)

895 kr./person

Ishøj trip with Heinz (Long tour with one night camping in the wild)

1.950 kr./person

Children's riding camp (1 week - Monday to Friday)

3.995 kr./person

Adult riding camp (3 days)

2.850 kr./person

Pony Ride (Horse Rent)

½ hours

140 kr.

1 hours

220 kr.

If you are interested in a ride or event that isn't listed above, please don't hesitate to contact us on

We reserve the rights to cancel booked trips due to illness or other sudden accidents or events with horses or guides.

Prices may change in the future.