Amager voksen ridetur


Couple or Parent/Child trip (beginner ride)

2 people with their own guide


1 hour

895 kr. total

1½ hour

1195 kr. total

2½ hour

1.595 kr. total

Single tour with own guide

Group of 3-14 people with own guide. The price for the guide is not included in the price; additional price for 1 person per group.

1 hour

300 kr./person

1 ½ hour

400 kr./person

Single tour in connection with group (beginners are asked to book with own guide)

The tour is ridden together with the regular group riders - there is no separate guide who can assist on the tour.

1 hour (morning/weekends)

250 kr./person

1½ hour (everdays)

350 kr./person

1½ hour (weekends/holidays)

400 kr./person

1 hour (weekends)

300 kr./person

A punch card for 5 single tours in connection with group riding.

5 horseback riding for the price of 4

5 klip á 1 time (morning/weekends)

1.000 kr.

5 klip á 1½ time (everdays)

1.400 kr.

5 klip a  1½ time (weekends)

1.600 kr.

Group (Subscription)

Riding on a fixed day of the week. The subscription card is valid for one month from the start date

1 times per week

795 kr./mdr.

2 times per week

1.200 kr./mdr.

3 times per week

1.600 kr./mdr.

Beer Relay

4-12 persons

1.350 kr. i alt

13-20 persons

1895 kr. i alt

Special tours/camps

Swimming trip with horse

650 kr./person

Long trip on  (Dragør tur & Den Store Amagerfælled tur)

895 kr./person

Ishøj trip with Heinz (Long tour with one night camping in the wild)

1.950 kr./person

Children's riding camp (1 week - Monday to Friday)

3.995 kr./person

Adult riding camp (3 days)

2.850 kr./person

Pony Ride (Horse Rent)

½ hours

140 kr.

1 hours

220 kr.

If you are interested in a ride or event that isn't listed above, please don't hesitate to contact us on

We reserve the rights to cancel booked trips due to illness or other sudden accidents or events with horses or guides.

Prices may change in the future.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are applicable for the customer and Amager Voksenridetur, CVR number 13978573

Payment Types: We accept Dankort /Visa Dankort

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation for all individual rides (with or without guide); romantic rides and groups must be made within 48 hours before booking.

Cancellation for Special rides and Group Arrangements must be made within 14 days before booking.

Cancellation for riding camps must be made within 1 month/31 days before booking. In case of cancellation later than the above rules, no refund will be given.

Payment: Payment is withdrawn immediately after purchase - both for bookings and purchase of punch cards or subscriptions. See return policy / Refund

Return Policy / RefundIf the booking is deleted online in accordance with the cancellation policy, the payment will be automatically refunded to the used payment card - including punch cards.

There is no return policy on the purchase of punch cards and subscriptions. Any remaining punches on expired punch cards, or upon termination of Amager Voksenridetur, will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to others.

Punch Card Validity: Punch cards are generally valid for 12 months, unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase of the punch card. There may be shorter validity periods for example campaigns and offers.

Punch cards are personal and cannot be shared with others. The card cannot be transferred to others either. It is the customer's own responsibility to use their punches before the expiration date on the card.

Delivery: The punch card is purchased online and linked to your booking profile immediately after purchase. Then you make your booking and the system will automatically withdraw the punch from the card.

Gift Card: Gift cards are purchased in the gift card shop.The purchase can be canceled within 14 days after purchase by contacting Amager Voksenridetur, unless the gift card has been used.The gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

The gift card can be printed immediately after payment is completed and is also sent by e-mail. A confirmation of purchase is also received by email

Automatic withdrawal / Subscriptions:The price of the subscription is indicated when buying the individual subscriptions.All subscriptions are personal and cannot be transferred or shared with others.

Binding period for subscription 1 month plus current month.

Validity: The subscription card is valid for one month from the start date selected at the time of purchase. The card can be used for the classes described in the terms and conditions for each of the possible subscriptions.

No compensation/replacement class is provided if you are unable to attend the registered classes.

Receipt: A receipt is sent by email upon entering into an agreement, automatic withdrawal, failed withdrawal, changing the payment card and cancelling the subscription.

Changing payment cardIt: is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the correct and valid payment card is entered into the system. You change the payment card by logging in to the booking system and clicking on "Click here to see your clip cards / subscriptions" Note - cancelling the payment card is not cancelling the ongoing subscription.

Automatic withdrawalThe first payment is made in connection with the entering into the agreement, then the price of the subscription is withdrawn automatically the day before the new subscription period starts.

Pause & CancellationThe system does not have a pause function.

If you wish to take a break from the subscription, you simply cancel the agreement via online booking. The agreement can be cancelled with 2 days' notice before the end of the current period.

You can subsequently choose to buy the new subscription immediately and set the desired start date during the purchase.

General cancellation also occurs via online booking or by contacting Amager Voksenridetur. Cancellation via online booking is done by logging in to the booking system and clicking on "Click here to see your clip cards / subscriptions" Note - cancelling the payment card is not cancelling the ongoing subscription.