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Bachelorette/Bachelor party / Beer relay race

Bachelorette/Bachelor party / Beer relay race

If you want a different experience for your bachelor/bachelorette party, then our fun beer relay on horseback is an option.

We have prepared the horses when you arrive (2-3 horses depending on the number of participants). All participants walk together to the relay race area, where you will be divided into pairs by your instructor. A pair consists of 2 participants who take turns riding and helping/leading the horse from the ground. 2 pairs compete against each other. The game is simple, the goal is to be the fastest pair to ride/run to the cone, chug a beer, ride around the cone twice, and back to the start. Then we switch so that the helper is now on horseback and the rider is now on the ground. Our beer relay is over when all pairs have completed the relay both as a helper and a rider.

Our beer race on horseback is especially popular for stag and hen parties, birthdays, family events, team building, and similar occasions where there is a large group.

The price of the beer relay does not include beer. We recommend calculating approximately 2 beers per participant. (It is recommended to show up sober).

The duration of the event is approximately 45-60 minutes

Bachelor party

4-12 persons                      1350 kr i alt

13-20 persons                   1895 kr i alt