Amager voksen ridetur

Summer pasture or boarding.

Go on SUMMER VACATION and place your horse in a safe environment at Amagervoksenridetur.

We have the most beautiful large pastures at the sydvestpynten . You need to bring your own equipment in the car.

It is possible to ride out from there.

However, driving down into the forest is not allowed, so you need to park a bit away.

but there are the best riding opportunities such as the entire Kongelund Forest, Fælleden, and of course, the entire sydvestpynten which is the beach where you can also swim with the horse.

A riding pass can be purchased.
Price for summer pasture on the beach:

Pony 1000 DKK.
Large horse 1200 DKK.

We usually do need to feed as the grass is full with nutrient and there is plenty of grass for the horse to eat.

horse land

If you want summer stabling, it is also possible. You can choose from all the pastures. You have the option to bring feed from the stable. You will have your own locker, and you can take the horse to be washed. You will have access to the rider's lounge and toilet. During the farrier's visit, it is possible to leave the horse at the stable overnight so that it is ready for the next morning. We have a farrier every Monday, and you can come with us for an additional fee. If the horse needs to be moved to a sick pasture, there is an additional charge for hay.

The price for ponies and Icelandic horses is 2000 kr.

The price for medium-sized horses is 150 to 165 cm. 2500 kr.
The price for large horses is 3000 kr.

Winter boarding is also possible, there is currently a waiting list.

Wirte to SMS at 51 64 15 03 or email